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Exclusive Hydropath Distributor in IRAN

Providing Non-Chemical & Eco-friendly HydroFlow descaling device

Radin Gostar Sina is the exclusive distributor of the unique HydroFlow (UK) Water conditioner in IRAN. We offer professional counseling service for non-chemical scale and deposit removal of hard water in equipment and pipes. For the first time in IRAN, we provide ultimate water care technology based on applying the very best scientific understanding and discovery, leading product innovation and proven application to our customers in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

HydroFlow Anti-Scale Technology

HydroFlow Ferrite water conditioner fits easily on any kind of pipe (metal or plastic) from 1 “ up to 160” diameter and applies bidirectional electrical field to the pipe and the water contained within as a conduit. The robust yet harmless Hydroflow Patented signal treat hard water and remove the old existing calcite scales from the plumbing. HydroFlow signal does not have any limitation in the temperature or pressure of water and it protect all the plumbing from scale and corrosion for 35 years without need of acid cleaning.

Comparison performance of HydroFlow

vsMagnetic& Electronicdescalers
Gas Heating package Blockage time :: Week::
263 Week
99/4 Week
81/2 Week
80/9 Week
47/6 Week
Electro-magnet or Ultrasonic descaler
44/2 Week
40/8 Week
37/8 Week
37/6 Week
Permanent Magnet descaler
40/4 Week

The graph above shows the result of comparison of magnetic and electromagnetic descalers versus Hydropath descaling patented technology that was carried out by British Gas in 1992. The gas heating package running as a control system without any water treatment system was fully blocked with scale after 40.4 weeks with hard water (More than 300 ppm hardness) . The performance of magnetic and electromagnetic water descalers is shown in the graph above . The inefficiency of magnetic descalers is clearly visible for the water temperature above 55 degree centigrade, but with the unique hydropath technology the limescale blockage of the heating gas package has been postponed for near 5 years.

Benefits of Hydropath technologhy

Hydropath Descaler Is a diamond among HVAC

HydroFlow Anti-Scale Technology

Hydroflow descaler induces signals and alternately generates positive and negative electric charges into the water, which causes particles that passes under the Hydroflow descaler and in particular bacteria, algae and all single plant cells with a cytoplasm charged by Hydroflow signals. Hydroflow constantly change the bacteria charges which changes the osmosis pressure of cytoplasm and eventually destroys the bacteria or algae cells and kills microorganisms.
The Hydroflow Descaler by applying radio frequency signals, without any downtime, cutting pipes, draining the water or need for acid or anti-scale chemicals remove all old limescales. In process of forming stable crystals , all the water-soluble ions collide with each other and the old limescales on the surfaces, in which calcium, magnesium carbonates and sulfates forms crystal nuclei. Crystal nuclei, when contacting the surfaces, absorb the old limescale and remove them from surface, which are washed away by water flow.
The Hydroflow Descaler generates and propagates a radio frequency signals through the entire plumbing system in both directions. By induction of an electric field , the possibility of collisions of ions and particles with each other increases significantly and applying the patented hydropath signal , calcium and magnesium and carbonate ions forms suspended clusters and finally turn into stable micron-sized carbonate crystals in water.
The Hydroflow Descaler is the only non-chemical flocculation method using AM band radio frequency in the world, which does not use any chemicals or polymers for flocculation. By applying and sending Hydroflow signals in the whole plumbing system and water itself , it alternate the positive and negative charges into water and this causes particles to attract each other and increases particle size which easily gets trapped in the filter enhancing the clarity of water.

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