With radio waves without chemicals

Sewage biological treatment
A large part of the sewage treatment process is the reduction of BOD and COD. One of the main indicators of sewage quality is BOD or Biochemical Oxygen Demand. By measuring the amount of oxygen consumed in a sample of water after five days, the amount of microorganisms and bacteria is estimated. The higher the BOD level, the greater the microbial contamination of the sewage would be. The ultimate goal of the sewage systems is to reduce the BOD, COD and suspended solids in the permitted range, by performing aeration processes, active sludge and etc. Also, E coli and Coliform are commonly microbiological indicators of pathogenic presence of bacteria in sewage. HydroFlow descaler can easily kill microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, algae and hogs and without the use of chemicals. HydroFlow descaler ruptures single cell cytoplasm by rapid change its osmosis pressure applying scientific designed signals. By passing sewage through the device, the induction voltage of the HydroFlow, charges positive and negative voltage to the bacteria and its cytoplasm with a frequency of 120,000 and eventually causes to break down and the death of microorganisms. The installation of the HydroFlow device is very simple in takes less than 2 hours. We recommend installing the P or I Series on the final stage before chlorine injection unit. HydroFlow descaler has an IP68 and is completely waterproof and suitable for installation in open environments. Please check SGS approval for reduction of Pseudomonas and Escherchia coli bacteria by using HydroFlow technology in the link below.