With radio waves without chemicals

Steam boiler
The limescale formation in boilers is more and more severe than other equipment because of its high water temperature and continuous evaporation. The water is constantly evaporated and turned into steam, and all the minerals are left in the boiler chamber. Over time, the volume of sediments and scales due to the hardness of the water increases and quickly sits on hot metal parts such as tubes or surfaces of the furnace and the surface wall of the boiler and forms hard deposits. Sulfate and calcium carbonate and magnesium and silicate deposits are commonly found in white or cream, and are the same as gypsum and limescale. On the other hand, scales act like thermal insulation and increase fuel consumption. The UK HydroFlow descaler, using patented radio signals, converts the dissolved minerals into suspended and stable crystals that absorb other hardness ions. These stable crystals could attract other ions by power of 10 comparing to heterogenic surface scales. So all the soluble hard water ions attach to these micro-crystals that could be drain out from the boiler by blow down. To protect the fire tubes and the water-tube steam boilers the HydroFlow S-series, specially designed to be fitted to the feeding pipe of the boiler after the high pressure feeding pump.