With Non-Chemical Ferrite Technology

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HydroFlow industrial descaler is designed for 2 inches pipe upto 160” and is used for all residential and commercial buildings, air conditioning and industrial applications. Hydroflow units are IP66 (completely waterproof and dust-proof) with a product life of more than 35. This green innovation, eliminates acid and chemical wash, water softeners in the utilities, saves water, electricity, gas, and maintenance costs, and returns its investment from 6 to 18 months.

 : 1144
Removing limescale, killing bacteria and algae removing biofouling and improving flocculation, major benefits of P series mostly in cooling towers, condensers,

 : 1057
The latest version of ferrite water treatment tailor made according to customer’s need including descaling, biofouling control and ….

 : 1067
Specially designed to protect water & fire tube steam boilers without antiscale chemicals

 : 1031
The first generation of industrial HydrFlow descaler with IP68 protection specially designed to remove limescale in hot water boilers and heat exchangers, could be fitted on any pipe materials from 1” to 160” pipe size.