With Non-Chemical Ferrite Technology

Pool - Spa and Jacuzzi
HydroFlow descaler to reducing Chlorine Hydropath green technology, with its diverse and widespread capabilities, has been able to control and optimize important water parameters in the pool without using any chemicals. The first and most important feature of Hydroflow signals is the flocculation of fine particles without the use of flocculants such as aluminum sulfate or polymers. Applied signals create positive and negative electrical charge into the water and fine particles easily attach to each other which are trapped in the filter bed and does not pass through its fine surface. So the pool water or Jacuzzi becomes crystal clear, using the HydroFlow descaler. One the most important abilities of HydroFlow signal is the breakdown of carcinogens byproduct of chlorine, such as THMs and chloroforms in the pool water, which cause serious damage to users. The Hydroflow descaler could easily break these carcinogenic chloramine agents and turn them back into free-chlorine. By reducing byproducts the chlorine odor diminishes in the pool area. Also HydroFlow drastically reduce red eyes. Another benefit of HydroFlow descaler is saving water consumption and reduce backwashes in filters and from residential to commercial pools this water saving is from 30 to 75 percent, which also save energy too. For residential pools and Jacuzzis up to 2 inch filtration size, the HydroFlow K-40 is suggested. For recreational pools with a filtration pipe size of larger than 2.5 inch HydroFlow P series is recommended. The best place to install HydroFlow is suction line of pumps for pool or Jacuzzi.